The B2B Show #1 : How Travelport Digital nail Inbound Marketing

1 Jun 2018 | by Squaredot

Discussing how to nail inbound marketing with David MacHale, Digital Marketing Director of Travelport Digital, in our podcast episode of The B2B show

Mastering inbound marketing with Travelport Digital | Squaredot B2B Marketing | The B2B Show podcast
  • How Travelport Digital approach inbound marketing
  • How Travelport Digital get staff to contribute and distribute content
  • Developing personas in a niche market
  • Travelport Digital results from inbound marketing
  • How Travelport Digital qualify inbound leads
  • Content topic and timing are key to inbound success
  • Importance of Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • The 2 most important things to consider when doing inbound



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