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B2B positioning & marketing strategy

So how do you plot your brand’s rise to fame and growth? You know that nobody gets there by chance. Overnight success stories in B2B are pipedreams and unicorns. For your best chance of success, and to make marketing easier in the long run you need to amplify what you stand for, who you serve and what makes you different. Build your marketing strategy out from unique and impactful brand positioning and fame beckons.

Changing your brand narrative

When should you rethink your B2B marketing strategy?

  • Your current brand positioning underplays your business growth and ambition
  • You've just bought a company or pivoted your way to exponential potential
  • You have international expansion ambitions
  • You want to stand out in a crowded space
  • Your brand is currently not being applied, presented or spoken about by the wider management team in a consistent way

What does this look like in practice?

We dig deep into your business model, operations, target audience and market. We interview senior stakeholders, research the competition, collate the reports, plot the charts, establish the quadrants and hone in on the sweet spots in the Venn Diagrams. Mining for insights is exhaustive, exhausting and exhilarating in equal measures. (Maybe the latter is just us?) We do all the heavy lifting while taking you and the team on a journey of discovery.

Brand positioning strategy

Positioning helps you find your identity in a crowded marketplace. It’s a shortcut, a fast-track to the customer’s mind. It creates the right connection between you and your customer. As you can tell, it’s enormously important to get this right, as it makes all your sales and marketing efforts easier. Yet it’s surprising how many B2B tech brands have undercooked their brand positioning.

We can help you place a stake in the ground for what you believe in and from these solid foundations we raise your profile and build upon your brand’s identity, difference and reputation. 

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Marketing strategy

This is about aligning marketing and sales objectives to support your business growth plans. Who is your ideal prospect and what are their content needs? What are your competitors talking about? What channels are best for your audience? Once you get this right, it makes it easier to come up with themes, tactics and topics that will rock your prospects world. And a delivery machine that keeps on giving. While this sounds simple in theory, you would be surprised at the depth of research and insights you need to go through to really see the bigger picture. Don’t worry though, we do all the hard yards on this. We’re geeks on the inside.

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Our winning formula


Nobody knows your business better than you. We tap into your knowledge and establish objectives in our discovery session. Here we drill down into the numbers to get under the bonnet of what you do, what works, what doesn’t and why, the personas you sell to, and what success looks like. This opens doors in our clients’ minds (so to speak) as it kicks off a period of introspection and reflection. They start to see their brand from a new perspective and feedback with their vision and values. 


After discovery, the heavy lifting starts and there are no shortcuts. Through long hours of desktop research into your industry and your competitors' reviews, and through key stakeholder and customer interviews, industry and market trends analysis and buyer persona research, the bigger picture presents itself. We keep our clients in the loop and feedback after we present our findings helps us refine our thinking and leads to brand evolution. 


After collating all our research, insights and conclusions, and after considerable collaboration with our clients on the ramifications and implications of everything, we hone evolved positioning, value proposition, go to market framework and growth strategies. The secret sauce is the magic combo of our experienced, imaginative and creative minds, working in tandem with our clients and their vision. Just to be clear, we do all the hard work, you just need to pitch in with your feedback on our presentations. Your brand evolves through this collaboration.


Our latest strategy work

01 / 07

Building B2B fame for OtterBox in Europe

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02 / 07

Transforming Codec's brand to look, sound and feel like the leading MSP that they are - with new brand positioning, visual identity, website & marketing strategy.

View project
03 / 07

Repositioning Inpute as the innovative market leader that they are, in strategic intelligent automation.

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04 / 07

By elevating the brand and how it shows up in the market to reflect the quality of its service offerings, we provided Triangle a framework for continued business growth.

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05 / 07
Client Solutions

Unifying the 5 Practices of an enterprise technology partner into one coherent brand

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06 / 07

Transforming a B2B enterprise technology brand and making behavioural learning famous across corporate America.

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07 / 07

Making a fast growing IT brand famous in all the right circles from Silicon Valley to Dublin’s Silicon Docks.

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“Squaredot's B2B expertise is so valuable to us. We get consumed by the brand internally and think we're making sense - but it's great to have an outsider's perspective, challenging whether messages and approaches really are clear and meaningful to our customers and prospects. Squaredot got excellent input from purchasers, it really helped us to understand the pain points, which they built into a strong strategy for us.”

Grace Whooley

Brand & B2B Marketing Manager, OtterBox

“We enjoyed working with the team from Squaredot, they came to understand our business quickly and started adding value soon after. They showed a deep level of expertise and commercial acumen.”

Ronan Stafford

CEO, Codec

“Before [our brand transformation] there was inconsistent messaging being used. We now have clarity across the management team about what we’re good at and our key differentiators.”

Morgan McElligott

Executive Director, Inpute

“We do a lot of modern technology projects, but we also do a lot of what we refer to as “legacy” infrastructure transformation. A lot of infrastructure companies are either very conceptual, or very nuts and bolts, bridging this gap is what we do best. Thanks to Squaredot’s invaluable work, we now understand the value of this unique market position—and, more importantly, how to communicate this value to our clients.”

Miriam Byrne

Operations Director, Triangle

“Squaredot delivered so much more than a brand slogan and a great website. They got under the hood of our organisation to help identify, clarify and celebrate our strengths as a predominant Irish tech partner to the country's largest companies. Their deep domain expertise in B2B tech branding and marketing meant they not only understood the business but also the challenges, the opportunities, the trends and most importantly the B2B buyer.”

Brian McPartlin

Head of Marketing, Client Solutions

“I was absolutely thrilled with the new website and brand positioning that Squaredot delivered. I truly feel like this is going to change the game for ETU and bring us to the next level. We’re already making inroads into corporate America as we now have the marketing foundation and strategy in place that’s primed for growth. We simply could not have done this without Squaredot”

East Apthorp

Head of Marketing, ETU

“Squaredot took our senior leadership team on a journey of self discovery as we honed in on our brand positioning, marketing strategy, identity and place in the market. The resulting rebrand work, new website, creative, positioning and content assets are enabling us to realise our vision for the company which is to create a global brand that will resonate with our target personas. Our brand awareness has grown exponentially and we are generating Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL’s) that are a marketers nirvana.”

Aisling Bolger

Head of Marketing, Arkphire

“We wanted a brand building campaign that would put us on the map, give the brand a warm personality, and get people talking about us. This campaign has achieved this and more. We have had an increase in conversations from events, people are asking us more educated questions, they are warmer leads! We have already doubled our overall traffic and tripled our returning visitors to the site.”

Sinead Geraghty

Marketing Director, Origina

“We’ve been working with Squaredot for a number of years and we work very much as a partnership. They understand our business, B2B marketing and the inbound methodology. Squaredot worked hand in hand with us to create and deliver this end to end campaign, including the digital hub, eBooks, research and related content that delivered exceptional results for our business”

Aisling White

Head of Marketing, Travelport Digital

“Squaredot helped raise our profile in the market. With a limited total addressable market we had to make a splash with our content to help us establish the reputation of an industry thought-leader. We always felt in safe hands dealing with Squaredot and the results speak for themselves - we’ve even created an audience in New York that we’ve never had before, and that’s big.”

Darren Ryan

CEO, Deanta Global


Why are we the only B2B tech agency in town you need to speak to?

We could wax lyrical about our understanding of the nuances of the industry and the competitive landscape. Or tell you how we cover every base from discovery sessions to winning accounts. Or we could point out the case studies success stories, the awards we’ve won, and the relationships we’ve built with our clients over the years supported by testimonials. It all points in the same direction - we help B2B tech brands get famous.

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Killer B’s in B2B - Balance

There has been a definite shift towards humanising B2B marketing and this recognition has been long overdue. Talking to your audience purely in rational, logical terms simply won’t cut through the clutter. Also, we’ve all been handcuffed to short-term lead generation KPIs for years now while we ignore the benefits of longer-term brand building. 

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