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With up to 70% of the buyer’s journey complete before a B2B buyer even initiates first contact, you should consider your website as your single most important marketing and sales asset. It’s obvious really, but if your website doesn’t look, feel, or live up to who you are, what you stand for, and where you want to get, then all the marketing in the world could fall flat on your homepage doorstep.

Transforming your digital presence 

Here are the red flags saying you might need a new website:

  • Your website doesn’t support your business growth plans and ambitions
  • Your website does not do your brand justice, nor reflect its personality or vision
  • You’re not getting any conversions on your website
  • Leads you get through your website are of poor quality
  • You are struggling to engage in a meaningful way with your target audience in the digital world
  • You don’t stand out in the crowded online space in your sector
  • Your brand has an uninspired and unremarkable social media presence

What does this look like in practice?

To do justice to your brand online and give your marketing efforts a powerful digital platform, you should never compromise on clear brand positioning, cut through messaging, thoroughly planned UX with well defined user journeys, a visually powerful and engaging UI, thought leadership content, and an air of authority and confidence in every detail. That’s our holy grail that we strive for in each website design project we work on with our clients. Here’s how we deliver it.

One size doesn’t fit all.

We believe that every business and every brand is unique. And if a website is where a brand comes alive online, then there is no one size that fits all and no website template that fits all. A great B2B tech website communicates a voice of authority, and engages with your target customer in an intuitive and user friendly manner. 

We craft the whole website experience to the last little detail from scratch - every user flow, every page, every form and CTA defined, structured, designed and built to clarify and amplify what your brand stands for, and the value this brings to your customers.

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UX matters. Because conversions matter.

Great B2B websites deliver results. You get your target customer to do what you want them to do - emailing or calling you, downloading a piece of content, or learning more about your brand and its benefits. Or any other sizzle you want to sell. It takes some of the load off your sales team or shortens the sales cycle.

Great B2B websites do this in a way that feels completely intuitive to the user. Millennials are the single largest demographic of B2B technology buyers today and they are digital natives with high UX and UI expectations. Ours are higher.

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What you say and how you say it matters.

Great B2B websites are built on 3 pillars of equal importance - visually powerful design, intuitive UX and impactful onbrand messaging. Your website should not only look like you but talk like you too. The most successful brands care deeply about delivering the same experience to their customers at every touchpoint - from their website and social media channels to the sales process or marketing emails.  All singing off the same brand hymnsheet, and to the same brand tone. That’s how we write your web content. And everything fully SEO optimised to make sure your new website is all set up for the search bots and their algorithms. 

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Same great experience anywhere & everywhere

Mobile-first or desktop-first websites don’t cut it anymore for B2B tech businesses. They haven’t for a while. Good websites need to look great anywhere & everywhere. Your B2B customers check you out in their offices as much as on their lunch break or commute home. We design and develop fully responsive websites and we make sure that the bespoke design looks great and works seamlessly on all platforms.

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Intuitive CMS setup that makes your website easy to manage

We hear it all the time from the new or prospective clients - how hard it is to manage content on their website. For us, making sure our clients can manage their website content easily, is as important as protecting new website’s look & feel when it’s updated. Whether you’re on Hubspot or Wordpress, we make it easy for you to manage and add to your existing content, without having the need to call upon a developer (apart from the exceptions where we push the boundaries on a bespoke tweak).

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A proven process that delivers


It all starts at our discovery and stakeholder workshop sessions where we get to understand the people behind the brand, what the brand stands for and your vision of the future. We aim to clarify your positioning in the market, confirm the objectives, technical requirements and project schedule to make sure we share the same goals and expectations.


After analysing all the information gathered in the discovery phase, we deep dive into further research of online industry standards, industry content trends and relevant best practice UI & UX trends. The purpose is to define the new website sitemap, content architecture, navigation, user flows and art direction.


Based on the art direction, user flows and architecture defined in the strategy phase, we will design an exciting look & feel that’s distinctly ‘you’. We ensure your brand identity always shines through, and crucially that the eye is drawn to all the important bits.  We explain our thinking, decisions and suggestions and based on your feedback, together we create your new online brand platform.


In this phase we create all the content needed for the new site in line with your brand tone of voice. The copy is fully optimised following best practice for on-page keyword optimisation. Having created the new website, we are fully in tune with what’s needed from the content perspective and we write all content to fit the designs, elevating and amplifying the brand’s authority throughout. We research and identify high value keywords, often creating content clusters and pillar pages designed and written to rank high for the chosen keywords.


This is the techie phase when we code all the page designs into pixel-perfect and fully responsive HTML and integrate with either Hubspot or Wordpress as the Content Management System. We make sure the CMS is set up in an easy-to-follow intuitive fashion that will make it easy for you going forward to update and add new content as needed.


This is the best bit! It’s when all the hard work comes together and is brought to live. We review, test and snag the website extensively in the test environment, and import all the content, set up all the pages, create all SEO friendly URLs and all necessary content links. We iron out the last few creases based on your feedback and once we are all fully happy with it, we launch the site (and brace ourselves for the flood of new traffic!)


Our latest website design work

01 / 09

Building B2B fame for OtterBox in Europe

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02 / 09

Transforming Codec's brand to look, sound and feel like the leading MSP that they are - with new brand positioning, visual identity, website & marketing strategy.

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03 / 09

Repositioning Inpute as the innovative market leader that they are, in strategic intelligent automation.

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04 / 09

By elevating the brand and how it shows up in the market to reflect the quality of its service offerings, we provided Triangle a framework for continued business growth.

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05 / 09
Client Solutions

Unifying the 5 Practices of an enterprise technology partner into one coherent brand

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06 / 09

Transforming a B2B enterprise technology brand and making behavioural learning famous across corporate America.

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07 / 09

Making a fast growing IT brand famous in all the right circles from Silicon Valley to Dublin’s Silicon Docks.

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08 / 09

Generating buckets of leads and sales opportunities for a global travel brand through an immersive, multimedia, thought leadership campaign

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09 / 09
Intact Software

Rising up Google’s search results through clever SEO strategy and implementation while competing against the likes of Salesforce & SAP on a budget

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“Squaredot's B2B expertise is so valuable to us. We get consumed by the brand internally and think we're making sense - but it's great to have an outsider's perspective, challenging whether messages and approaches really are clear and meaningful to our customers and prospects. Squaredot got excellent input from purchasers, it really helped us to understand the pain points, which they built into a strong strategy for us.”

Grace Whooley

Brand & B2B Marketing Manager, OtterBox

“We enjoyed working with the team from Squaredot, they came to understand our business quickly and started adding value soon after. They showed a deep level of expertise and commercial acumen.”

Ronan Stafford

CEO, Codec

“Before [our brand transformation] there was inconsistent messaging being used. We now have clarity across the management team about what we’re good at and our key differentiators.”

Morgan McElligott

Executive Director, Inpute

“We do a lot of modern technology projects, but we also do a lot of what we refer to as “legacy” infrastructure transformation. A lot of infrastructure companies are either very conceptual, or very nuts and bolts, bridging this gap is what we do best. Thanks to Squaredot’s invaluable work, we now understand the value of this unique market position—and, more importantly, how to communicate this value to our clients.”

Miriam Byrne

Operations Director, Triangle

“Squaredot delivered so much more than a brand slogan and a great website. They got under the hood of our organisation to help identify, clarify and celebrate our strengths as a predominant Irish tech partner to the country's largest companies. Their deep domain expertise in B2B tech branding and marketing meant they not only understood the business but also the challenges, the opportunities, the trends and most importantly the B2B buyer.”

Brian McPartlin

Head of Marketing, Client Solutions

“I was absolutely thrilled with the new website and brand positioning that Squaredot delivered. I truly feel like this is going to change the game for ETU and bring us to the next level. We’re already making inroads into corporate America as we now have the marketing foundation and strategy in place that’s primed for growth. We simply could not have done this without Squaredot”

East Apthorp

Head of Marketing, ETU

“Squaredot took our senior leadership team on a journey of self discovery as we honed in on our brand positioning, marketing strategy, identity and place in the market. The resulting rebrand work, new website, creative, positioning and content assets are enabling us to realise our vision for the company which is to create a global brand that will resonate with our target personas. Our brand awareness has grown exponentially and we are generating Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL’s) that are a marketers nirvana.”

Aisling Bolger

Head of Marketing, Arkphire

“We wanted a brand building campaign that would put us on the map, give the brand a warm personality, and get people talking about us. This campaign has achieved this and more. We have had an increase in conversations from events, people are asking us more educated questions, they are warmer leads! We have already doubled our overall traffic and tripled our returning visitors to the site.”

Sinead Geraghty

Marketing Director, Origina

“We’ve been working with Squaredot for a number of years and we work very much as a partnership. They understand our business, B2B marketing and the inbound methodology. Squaredot worked hand in hand with us to create and deliver this end to end campaign, including the digital hub, eBooks, research and related content that delivered exceptional results for our business”

Aisling White

Head of Marketing, Travelport Digital

“Squaredot helped raise our profile in the market. With a limited total addressable market we had to make a splash with our content to help us establish the reputation of an industry thought-leader. We always felt in safe hands dealing with Squaredot and the results speak for themselves - we’ve even created an audience in New York that we’ve never had before, and that’s big.”

Darren Ryan

CEO, Deanta Global


Why are we the only B2B tech agency you need to speak to?

We could wax lyrical about our understanding of the nuances of the industry and the competitive landscape. Or tell you how we cover every base from discovery sessions to winning accounts. Or we could point out the case studies success stories, the awards we’ve won, and the relationships we’ve built with our clients over the years supported by testimonials. It all points in the same direction - we help B2B tech brands get famous.

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There has been a definite shift towards humanising B2B marketing and this recognition has been long overdue. Talking to your audience purely in rational, logical terms simply won’t cut through the clutter. Also, we’ve all been handcuffed to short-term lead generation KPIs for years now while we ignore the benefits of longer-term brand building. 

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