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We’re an optimistic bunch of B2B tech marketing and advertising obsessives who feel incredibly proud to serve this sector. With strategic, creative, brand, design and web backgrounds from both agency and client side, we value our differences and unite under the banner of making our clients’ brands famous.

Not all heroes wear capes

You, and all your B2B tech peers, are helping grease the wheels and stoke the fires of the global economic recovery. We have B2B tech to thank for helping to open up remote working, collaboration, efficiencies at scale and industry for all. This makes us feel incredibly proud and fuels our passion for this sector. It’s not practical to thank you in person for playing your part, so we put this video together instead.

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Things that make B2B marketing better

The fast track to brand fame and market share growth requires a mix of long term brand building with short term lead generation strategies to help raise your brand’s profile and convert opportunities. To do that, we dip into our collective experiences and shared values.


The bigger and bolder the better. It’s easier to reign big ideas than plug gaps in small ones. Every client has very specific and unique challenges, so we approach every project with enthusiasm, excitement and a big, blank, open canvas of limitless possibilities.


We’re courteous, not blunt, but we do tell it as it is. It helps to achieve better work and push marketing boundaries together. But our honesty principle goes beyond telling the truth and project updates, it also reflects our honesty of effort and intention. Good people, great work, amazing results. (Honestly!)


We set a high bar of standards in everything we do, right down to the little details. We dig deep on details in our research and scheduling, and even in the execution of aesthetic designs or copy quirks, as it’s often the little details that have the biggest impact. Excellence for us is a mindset and keeps us on our toes no matter what the task. The output must always be something to be proud of, and we always strive to raise the bar.


Growth is a mindset as much as a roadmap. We attract ambitious B2B tech brands because we share the same ambition and practise what we preach. The only way for us to grow is by helping you grow. This keeps us focused.


We each bring a different perspective, background and expertise to the table and that’s what magnifies our collective impact. In the remote working era we’re in, teamwork plays as big a role as ever in Squaredot. We keep it simple, every voice is heard and the best ideas win.


We strike a balanced approach. We have agency and client backgrounds, B2B and B2C. We play to our strengths and value our differences and engage both the left and right brain hemispheres, where rational planning meets emotional connections. 


It’s B2B or not to be

(We’re a B2B marketing agency only, so sorry, Carlsberg & Coca Cola, we'd be flattered but you're not the right fit for us)

Strategic growth from foundations up

From brand positioning and strategy, we’ll help you go to market with a strong website and digital presence and help you get famous through content, branding, advertising and promotion.

Drive your business growth with marketing
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Tactical support for your in-house marketing team

We can roll up our sleeves and support large internal marketing departments to help get campaigns out the door. We can supplement your capacity with planning, content, creative, design, copy, animation and video content expertise.

We'll support your team

Leadership team

We're an easy going, professional bunch who take great pride in our work. We all have decades of experience and have been around the B2B tech block so to speak. It also helps us to see the bigger picture having been on both sides of the client/agency boardroom tables.

Ian Blake, CEO, Squaredot B2B marketing
Ian Blake
CEO & founder
Brona Donlon, COO, Squaredot B2B marketing
Brona Donlon
"At Squaredot, we believe that the secret to great B2B marketing is balance. Long term and short term, brand building and lead generation, left brain and right brain. We play to our individual strengths and strive for excellence in everything we do. Ultimately, to deliver growth for our B2B tech clients."

Join the dots

At Squaredot, we help B2B tech brands get famous in all the right circles, for all the right reasons. Beautiful design aesthetics, visual tone and clever concepts are some of those reasons and that’s where you can make your mark. We believe in creativity and in challenging the blinkered view that B2B marketing is boring and where fun goes to die. (Fun is alive, kicking and occasionally screaming in SQ HQ) Sounds like something you'd like to be part of? Apply for one of the roles below or send us a note with the link to your portfolio at hello@squaredot.agency

B2B Project Director

Location Remote or Dublin office
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B2B Account Manager

Location Remote or Dublin office
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Strategic Planner (B2B)

Location Remote or Dublin office
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B2B Tech Writer

Freelance / Location Remote or Dublin office
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Senior Web Designer

Freelance / Location Remote or Dublin office
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Calling all great freelance talent

We were well prepared for today’s world, as we have always believed in remote working and freelance collaborations. This keeps us nimble, on our toes, and leads to great work, fresh perspectives and long term partnerships. So regardless of wherever you are, if you’re a talented designer, animator, writer, developer, or any digital creative, drop us an email and include a link to your portfolio. Joining the dots has never been more rewarding.