Perfectly timed content marketing creation

30 Jun 2015 | by Ian Blake

Discover how and when to generate and educational and engaging content marketing schedule to draw in quality new leads.

Perfectly Timed Content Marketing Creation | Squaredot B2B Marketing

Content creation. It’s the heartbeat of inbound marketing; the fuel for the fire; the siren’s call for the passing visitor…and when it’s good, it’s the manna from heaven that turns leads into sales and grows your business’ bottom line. That’s how you earn trust and over time become a thought leader within your industry, raising your profile across social channels and climb the organic search results of Google and other search engines.

But it’s also one of the biggest challenge facing B2B companies at the moment. It’s time consuming and requires specialist skill sets. Skills that are not always readily available in-house. With the continuous rise in popularity of inbound, content and digital marketing, B2B companies need to create original, fresh and relevant content all the time to engage, educate and empower their target audience.

You may find yourself playing a daunting game of content strategy catch up. And now is the time to put your thinking cap on. Your competitors may presently be leading by a nose, but without a solid plan of action, they could be out of sight in no time. You need to up your game, but not at the expense of all the other wheels that are in motion. It’s a balancing act, and you’re no doubt looking for the solution.

Let’s pause for a second and think of the best case scenario…

What if you could deliver quality content (or at least get the wheels oiled and thinking started) while you put your feet up on the beach during your well earned holidays? What if the most important ‘do’ or your ‘to-do’ list is done while you sipped Pina Coladas at the cocktail bar? What if that stressful, time consuming and pressing problem was solved as you melted your worries away at the fingertips of your holiday resort masseuse?

As B2B marketing experts, we know that in a lot of instances the B2B world slows down somewhat in the summer. Decision makers, key contacts in major accounts and C suite decision makers can be off on summer holidays and as a result sales, demands on relationship managers time, and demand for leads tends to drop - compared to say mid-October when we are in sight of the end of year targets and all hands are on deck to ensure we hit the mark or better yet, exceed expectations.

With this present summertime lull comes a major opportunity to lean on an inbound or content marketing agency to beaver away busily whilst you are soaking up the sun.

Typically it takes 4 to 6 weeks to understand and research your market, get under the skin of your buyer personas and plan, strategise and develop a quarters worth of compelling, thought leadership content that will resonate with your audience.

Armed with this foresight, you can jump ahead of the pack and get your content marketing kicked off while you head for the airport for some well deserved R&R downtime, safe in the knowledge that you’ll return home fresh, sun kissed and eager to sign off some engaging content that is going to supercharge your lead flow for Q4. 

If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail, as the saying goes. But if you do your homework in advance or better yet, get someone else to do it while you put your feet up on your holidays, then you can expect to reap the rewards.

Have you got your content marketing planned for the year ahead?

Or do you prefer a hand to mouth strategy where you fight fires as they pop up? We’d love to know your thoughts on the subject. Comment below on your experiences to date…


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