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B2B marketing that delivers and makes a difference

“Squaredot delivered so much more than a brand slogan and a great website. They got under the hood of our organisation to help identify, clarify and celebrate our strengths as a predominant Irish tech partner to the country's largest companies. Their deep domain expertise in B2B tech branding and marketing meant they not only understood the business but also the challenges, the opportunities, the trends and most importantly the B2B buyer.”
Brian McPartlin
Head of Marketing, Client Solutions
“I was absolutely thrilled with the new website and brand positioning that Squaredot delivered. I truly feel like this is going to change the game for ETU and bring us to the next level. We’re already making inroads into corporate America as we now have the marketing foundation and strategy in place that’s primed for growth. We simply could not have done this without Squaredot”
East Apthorp
Head of Marketing, ETU
“Squaredot took our senior leadership team on a journey of self discovery as we honed in on our brand positioning, marketing strategy, identity and place in the market. The resulting rebrand work, new website, creative, positioning and content assets are enabling us to realise our vision for the company which is to create a global brand that will resonate with our target personas. Our brand awareness has grown exponentially and we are generating Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL’s) that are a marketers nirvana.”
Aisling Bolger
Head of Marketing, Arkphire
“We wanted a brand building campaign that would put us on the map, give the brand a warm personality, and get people talking about us. This campaign has achieved this and more. We have had an increase in conversations from events, people are asking us more educated questions, they are warmer leads! We have already doubled our overall traffic and tripled our returning visitors to the site.”
Sinead Geraghty
Marketing Director, Origina


Transforming Codec's brand to look, sound and feel like the leading MSP that they are - with new brand positioning, visual identity, website & marketing strategy.


Repositioning Inpute as the innovative market leader that they are, in strategic intelligent automation.


By elevating the brand and how it shows up in the market to reflect the quality of its service offerings, we provided Triangle a framework for continued business growth.

Client Solutions

Unifying the 5 Practices of an enterprise technology partner into one coherent brand


Transforming a B2B enterprise technology brand and making behavioural learning famous across corporate America.


Making a fast growing IT brand famous in all the right circles from Silicon Valley to Dublin’s Silicon Docks


A David vs Goliath brand building story where we helped a third party IBM support brand take on the mighty IBM. And win.


Generating buckets of leads and sales opportunities for a global travel brand through an immersive, multimedia, thought leadership campaign

Award season highlights

Spiders Winners Award Badges 2022 - Best B2B
DMA 2021 Winner
Best B2B WINNERS award