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17 Feb 2017 | by Sean Sharkey

Read about our innovative inbound marketing campaign for Roomex



We’ve recently launched a new campaign for our client, Roomex, and it’s certainly broadening our horizons. Roomex are a fast growing hotel booking portal for businesses. They book hotels for businesses all over the world so when it came to writing content for them, we knew we needed to think big.


As always we started with our target persona...in this case Office Managers and PAs of Irish and UK companies. These guys book hotels for their colleagues so naturally we wanted to create a campaign that would appeal to them.

PAs and Office Managers are classic multi-taskers, relentless planners, organisers, trendsetters, trusted advisors, a shoulder to cry on, the list goes on. In work and in their own social circles. So we thought we’d arm them with a valuable piece of content that they could pass onto their colleagues as they booked their hotels in foreign destinations...and our city guides for business travellers campaign was born.

It just felt right. Roomex takes care of all corporate hotel booking needs and now it will also help busy Office Managers plan their colleagues’ travel itineraries with helpful business travel guides to cities all around the world.



Rather than generate another generic city guide (and get lost in the mountain of competing articles) we focused on the business traveller by targeting upcoming and popular global corporate events. We will research the top 50 corporate events globally, ensuring there is a spread of geographical locations and industry verticals to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. The focus would be on directions from the airports, interesting things to do, places to visit, restaurants to eat in and all sorts of other hidden gems worth knowing within the vicinity of the venue.


Authentic writers

We wanted our guides to stand out from the generic guides, so reached out to our network of writers around the world and recruited native writers for each of the destinations we write for. Their local knowledge helped us promote insider and authentic content. For cities where this proved difficult, we sourced travel writers who had lived or spent significant time in city in question.

 Valuable content

We staggering out the guides, releasing one or two a week. As we release a new city guide onto the Roomex blog, and promote it across social channels, we add the previous guide to a downloadable PDF at the end of the every guide. We're concentrating close to home for now, so this PDF covers all of Europe. But we have plans to branch out into other continents. After all, Roomex book hotels in over 500,000 hotels all around the world. As a result the city guide PDF will become more and more comprehensive and valuable over time - breaking the usual mould of downloadable content becoming stale.


 If you're a seasoned business traveller, or know one, then just click on the link below and you'll be whisked off to the Roomex campaign landing page, where you can download the entire collection of city guides in one handy PDF for free. Bon Voyage!


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