Everything you always wanted to know about s&m


Some traditions stand the test of time, like brussels sprouts at Christmas. Other traditions evolve to meet changing lifestyles (midnight mass at 10pm? Genius!). A few traditions however are better left behind and viewed only through sepia tinted windows of nostalgia. Traditional Marketing is one such old school, outdated and potentially damaging model if stubbornly clung onto in the face of evolving buyer behaviour. With the explosion of the digital era, people just don’t shop like they use to. They don’t buy because they’re told to. They don’t listen when they’re asked to. And why should they? It’s a revolution and it’s kicking off. 

If you’re still stuck in the traditional mindset and wondering why your marketing budget is dwindling with disappointing results, then glance through our slideshare now. It’s everything you ever wanted to know about Sales and Marketing in the 21st century and it might shock you into a new way of thinking. 




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