How to Pick the Right Social Platform to Grow Your Sales


Having an online presence is good enough for your business—right? Maybe you’ve even gotten around to having a Facebook page; that should drive people to find you and utilize your services or products.   

Unfortunately, if that’s your business social media mission, you’re missing out and in danger of being left behind. That’s because there’s no one-size-fits-all social media platform for businesses. There’s not even a one-size-fits-all social media platform for your business. The people who reach you on Facebook may not even be looking for you on Instagram—but miss out on Instagram and you might miss out on a crucial business sector.Here’s what’s happening in social media: Most people don’t limit themselves to just one platform. They do different things on different sites, but most of them are doing it daily. Each social media platform is better at something than the others. Take Facebook: It’s a great community grower. But it’s different than LinkedIn; that’s where people go to network and improve their business reach. And those two don’t even begin to touch on the video creation and community-building power of newer social media sites such as Vimeo and Vine.

The point? You have to have multiple social media sites within your wheelhouse, each of which helps you achieve different pieces of your business’s growth mission. Use this graphic to figure out what’s at stake, who you’re ignoring, and how to fix it.

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