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6 Mar 2015 | by Ian Blake

Learn all about Ireland's first inbound marketing agency who specialise in B2B tech

Hi there, we’re Squaredot, Ireland's first specialist inbound marketing agency and as this is our first blog post we thought we’d use it as a way to say hello, let you know a little bit about us and what we do.  I’m Ian one of the founders of Squaredot.

As you read this you may be wondering what the hell inbound marketing is and I don’t blame you, I wondered the same thing in the not too distant past. The best short description of Inbound Marketing is that it helps businesses grow by attracting the right buyer to your website, converts that buyer into a lead and eventually into a customer.

The term inbound marketing was coined by Hubspot co-founder and CEO Brian Halligan and it explains it quite well, however we do realise that if it’s hard enough to explain in a sentence it’s impossible to describe in two words. There are many blogs and downloadable ebooks that explain inbound in detail, this article by Hubspot give a really good overview of what Inbound Marketing is.

Our short journey to setting up Squaredot

Before setting up Squaredot I ran B2B marketing for Three Ireland where I discovered Inbound Marketing and introduced it there where it proved extremely successful.

The biggest marketing challenge we always had in Three Business was driving a consistent lead flow. We were able to spend big to generate demand but that wasn’t a sustainable strategy. After implementing Inbound Marketing the most dramatic effect it had was that it delivered leads consistently and at a significantly lower cost than the traditional methods we were used to.

As I witnessed the success of inbound marketing at Three I shared my experiences and the results of inbound with my father, Jim, a veteran sales and marketing consultant who had a solid base of existing clients who were a good fit for inbound. As the inbound program continued our conversations developed to a point where we decided to set up our own inbound marketing agency.

In order to justify leaving my secure corporate job and all the benefits that came with it we needed to test the market and prove that inbound would work for other businesses. There were countless case studies provided by Hubspot and others claiming the effectiveness of inbound, however before I jumped I needed my own proof. So while I continued to run B2B marketing at Three Jim introduced inbound marketing to a few of his existing clients. Firstly SaaS company PSI Mobile adopted it and within 3 months of inbound activity saw their web traffic double and leads increase 12X. Financial advisor firm Simon Shirley Advisors took us on initially to design and build their website and then execute an inbound program which is running currently with brilliant results. Our third inbound client is technology security solutions provider Topsec technology, a long-standing client of Jim’s who started an inbound program 3 months ago and as we write are realising significant returns already.

I now had enough evidence that this Inbound Marketing thing was really effective and could catch on…so I got out from under my corporate blanket to focus 100% on Squaredot.

Over the past couple of months we have been getting set up and are now exposing ourselves to the world with a new website, a regular blog and a number of clients who believe in inbound as much as we do.

So… what do Squaredot do?

As an inbound marketing agency we do inbound marketing funnily enough….We help businesses grow through inbound marketing.

Before implementing Inbound in Three I was naive to the time and effort involved in getting an inbound program set up and running, it takes hard work to get it right. It’s not that its complicated, there’s no secret but like anything in life that produces a result it takes time, effort, thinking and discipline.

There are a lot of moving parts to inbound marketing; it’s one of those things that seem simple once you “know how”. Getting to the “know how” is the hard part and that’s where we come in.

In order for inbound marketing to be as effective as it can be a number of key elements are required and as an inbound marketing agency we ensure that all of those elements happen correctly to deliver business results for you.

We listen first and then get to work. Before we do anything we listen to understand you and your business. What your goals are, your challenges, and what you want to achieve. We believe that in order to start a successful inbound marketing program it is imperative that these key elements of our clients world are fully understood.

Once we have a thorough understanding of your business we embark on an inbound journey that is focused on helping you achieve your goals.

We provide the expertise and services to implement inbound

Inbound marketing combines marketing strategy with the digital eco system to deliver business results…as an inbound marketing agency we are experts in marketing strategy as well as the various components that make up the digital world.

Our inbound marketing services include, Marketing Strategy, Buyer Persona identification and research, Content Marketing, Web Design and a host of other Inbound Marketing services like SEO, social media and blogging

We’re a certified Hubspot partner, we use their award winning marketing platform to run our own business and manage inbound marketing programs for our clients. We are certified in all their qualifications and avail of their wealth of experience to help us help our clients achieve remarkable business results.

We believe Inbound Marketing gives businesses the opportunity to achieve growth that before may have seemed unrealistic

Through our experiences to date, we believe that inbound marketing provides companies with the opportunity to achieve growth they might not have thought possible. It allows them achieve this growth at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Inbound Marketing delivers results…quantifiable, trackable, measurable business results in the form of, web visits, new contacts, leads and customers.

We have never seen a more effective business growth and lead generation system, we are delighted to be one of Hubspot’s certified partners and look forward to helping more companies grow with Inbound Marketing.

Have a look around our site and subscribe to our blog. Through our blog, educational ebooks and website, our goal is to help B2B marketers and B2B organisations realise the power of inbund and use it to grow their business. We hope you find our content informative and practical.

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