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Client Solutions

Transforming Client Solutions into the partner of choice

The challenge we helped to solve:

Unite the five IT Practices of an enterprise technology partner into one coherent brand

What we delivered:

New brand positioning, identity refresh, including logo and colour palette, new website, go to market messaging and ABM content

The difference we made:

- Site users up 15%
- Average site visit duration increased to over 5 mins
- Average number of website leads increased by 200%+ from on average 5 per month to 15 per month

The brief

Creating one strong differentiated brand

Client Solutions is an enterprise technology partner providing IT services to large private and public sector organisations. The business is built on five dedicated Enterprise Technology Practices: Data Insights, Software Development, Service Management, SAP Solutions and Intelligent Automation.

They have been successfully growing for over 25 years through various mergers and acquisitions. This has brought on some brand awareness and identity issues in their transition to recently becoming independent again as well as acquiring companies themselves.

We have been working with Client Solutions for over a year on addressing these brand challenges and repositioning the brand After successfully defining the new brand positioning and strategy, we have embarked on the journey of bringing it to life in a new website.

Business focus on accelerating digital transformation as a result of Covid-19 has driven IT providers to amplify their digital transformation messaging. As a result, the market is full of “me too” digital transformation statements and positioning that make finding a point of differentiation challenging.

original brand visual


original website

The solution - Brand repositioning

Transforming business futures now

The high level challenge was to unite the five practices into one coherent brand that would stand out in this space as the partner of choice for ambitious large scale enterprises. After in-depth discovery sessions, interviews with senior stakeholders and key target persona, allied to desk research on the competition and trends in the market, our plan for their new brand and new website centred around the following objectives:

  • Generate a position in the buyer’s mind as the Irish strategic enterprise technology partner 
  • Focus on transforming business futures not digital transformation
  • Put Enterprise Business front and centre of what they do
  • Construct a compelling ‘buttoned-down’ and a more “human” business story about their diverse talent, ways of thinking and focus on what’s right for their clients
  • Give each of the 5 practices enough online space without overwhelming the users
  • Bring the ‘solutions and service-based added value’ angle into the forefront to move away coming across as pure reseller of IT products
  • Personalise the user journeys with the most relevant content to ensure the site delivers on its lead generation objectives
The solution - identity refresh and new website

New website reflecting real world impact

The inspiration for the new website design concept started with new brand positioning of ‘transforming business futures now’. We focused on the difference Client Solutions make in the lives of their clients, such as hospitals or county councils, and the impact these institutions make to everyday life of all of us. Our strategy sessions uncovered over 30 live case studies that strongly communicated the assurance, the expertise, the safe pair of hands, and the scale of Client Solutions enterprise projects and their impact on everyday life.


Website objectives:

  • Build a site in Wordpress with full ActiveCampaign integration for marketing automation and CRM purposes
  • Apply full SEO on-page optimisation for highly targeted keywords
  • Design a fully responsive website that would work seamlessly on all different platforms delivering same great experience no matter what the device it is being viewed on
  • Develop lead generation content, including comprehensive ABM strategies and content.

On the new website, the homepage top panel would lead with a powerful case study carousel to showcase these real-life transformations, using a combination of video and imagery.

This focus on real examples of their work is then carried throughout the site in relevant parts to serve two fold purpose:

  • Subconscious enforcement of the brand positioning in the user’s mind 
  • Validation reference of experience and competencies

From a UX perspective, our biggest challenge was to present the 5 practices, all the partners, products, resources and case studies in a way that would feel intuitive and user-friendly to the target audience. User journeys catering to all different personas (i.e. CFO, CIO, CTO and CDO) were carefully planned out to make sure we cover all the information needed at each step of the way, without overwhelming the experience at any point and while driving meaningful engagement.

In terms of engagement, our goal was to generate leads as well as content consumption. The site was also designed with the aim of allowing Client Solutions to easily manage and update their marketing content and become a well functioning marketing tool that would house their content and support their social media and targeted campaign activities via landing pages.

The solution - humanised B2B content

Trustworthy thought leadership content with emotive impact

Content creative challenge was to portray CS as a trustworthy partner to Ireland’s largest private and public sector organisations, yet avoid the stuffy stereotypes that typically populate the market.

It was also important to strike the right balance between communicating the more considered, engineering brand attributes with the more ‘human’ side of their brand story.

All Client Solutions content on the website is presented as real human stories rather than faceless corporation case studies helping to give a face and personality to all their 5 IT Practices with quotes from team leaders included. This human to human communication approach is an important differentiator in a market saturated with stiff corporate communications. The impact Client Solutions make to everyday Irish life is significant and all their content needed to reflect this human angle in its look, feel and tone.

To help to make the content visually engaging we used the following design principles:

  • Visual hierarchy of content - communication of important information by order of importance and using progressive disclosure
  • Strong typography - strong use of typography to grab and lead the eye 
  • Breathing space - uncluttered content helping contribute to a more engaging UX
  • Moving images - the use of short, light-weight videos and animations helped breathe live into the designs
  • Animated transitions - we brought flat designs to life by initiating on-scroll activated animations and visually powerful panel transitions and overall page load effects.

One of the main goals of the new site was to also cater for Client Solutions’ extensive recruitment needs that the company has and help to strengthen their image as a recruiter and a place to work. The new site features a separate careers section which communicates company values and culture and what they mean in terms of employment.

Campaign assets

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The results - users, repeat visitors, leads, ROI

Results felt from launch

With the new Client Solutions website we set out to give their redefined brand a new online home. A digital home where a business with 5 different practices would come together in a visually consistent and powerful way under one brand that makes sense and efficiently communicates with their target audience but also gives the internal communications a unified language and message. A new website that would support their marketing and sales activities by driving better engagement and serving as a point of reference in terms of:

  • Solutions and services they offer 
  • Technology they specialise in
  • Validation of expertise and experience
  • Thought leadership delivered through marketing content

The feedback we received from the client and data gathered from the website analytics over the last 3 months since the site went live at the beginning of June suggest that these goals were achieved:

  • Site users up 15%
  • Average site visit duration increased from under 2 mins to over 5 mins
  • Pages viewed per session increased 121% from 1.9 to 4.2 pages/session
  • 185% increase in page views from on average 3,500k/month to 10k/month
  • Average no. of website leads increased by 200% from on average 5/month to 15/month.
“Squaredot delivered so much more than a brand slogan and a great website. They got under the hood of our organisation to help identify, clarify and celebrate our strengths as a predominant Irish tech partner to the country's largest companies. Their deep domain expertise in B2B tech branding and marketing meant they not only understood the business but also the challenges, the opportunities, the trends and most importantly the B2B buyer.”
Brian McPartlin
Head of Marketing, Client Solutions