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The brief
Repositioning & rebranding
The results

Repositioning Inpute as an innovative market leader

The challenge:

Despite a strong track record of success delivering intelligent automation solutions, Inpute’s outdated brand and business website did not reflect its market leader position.

What we delivered:

A comprehensive overhaul of Inpute’s brand strategy, including new brand messaging, visual identity, and website.

The outcomes we achieved:

Within the first month of the new website going live, Inpute generated two sales-qualified leads, reflecting the impact of this extensive brand transformation.

B2B case study | Inpute | Squaredot b2b marketing agency
The brief

Innovating the brand to fit the business

Inpute got its start in 1997 as an electronic input service operating within a larger PC reseller business. After breaking out on its own in 2000, the company gradually expanded its solutions and services designed to enhance business processes and operational systems.

Following its acquisition by Barrow Active in 2021, Inpute was in search of a new brand strategy to better reflect its reputation as a leading provider of strategic intelligent automation solutions, including a brand refresh and updated website. Inpute’s leadership team approached Squaredot for help in positioning the brand for an exciting new chapter of growth.

“Inpute was acquired two years earlier, and there was a re-set in the growth ambition for the business. We had a realisation that we couldn’t meet our growth ambitions through word-of-mouth. We decided it was time to invest in building a high performance sales and marketing engine,” says Inpute executive director Morgan McElligott.

original brand visual

Inpute old logo
Inpute old website


brand transformation

Inpute new visual ID update


Repositioning, rebranding, new website

Transformation to unlock business potential

Like many of our clients, Inpute was already a successful business with a proven track record delivering intelligent automation solutions for their clients.

Inpute’s reason for reaching out to Squaredot was aligned with management’s vision: in spite of its past and present success, Inpute had the potential to achieve far more in its future.

Realising this potential - in the form of new customer acquisitions and revenue growth - is always a top goal of the brand transformation process. But lasting transformation is only achieved by laying down a brand foundation that makes business growth not only attainable, but sustainable.

That brand foundation is at the core of what Squaredot offers our clients. Here’s a look at the process delivering this change.

Brand positioning

Through a series of collaborative workshops with the Inpute leadership team, we recommended a new brand position that emphasised not only Inpute’s ability to achieve “intelligent business flow” within their client organisations, but also the “effortless” nature of these new capabilities.

As a regional leader in intelligent automation solutions, Inpute’s value to its clients is the ease with which its custom-built solutions can help businesses achieve more by working smarter, not harder. And all this is achieved with minimum interruptions to their day-to-day business. We advocated for this new brand positioning as the foundation for Inpute’s overall brand strategy, including its messaging and visual identity.

Brand messaging

Get in the zone
with effortless automation that just works

To reinforce the value proposition of Inpute’s new brand position, we developed and recommended a new brand slogan. This slogan emphasised the performance element of intelligent automation—putting businesses in a “zone” similar to the mental state of elite athletes, where performing at your best comes second nature—while positioning Inpute’s intelligent automation solutions as the effortless key to unlocking that potential.

We also documented this messaging—including the brand’s voice, how it speaks to its customers, and its sales messaging strategy—into a brand playbook available to Inpute as an ongoing reference. This playbook, along with sales templates and other resources, provided the company with a brand tool kit to guide future sales and marketing efforts.

Inpute brand messaging

Brand identity

An extension of the new brand position, we developed a new visual identity for Inpute that both depicted and reinforced its value proposition. This new visual identity included both static and dynamic visual elements to represent effortless “flow” enabled by Inpute’s solutions. A green colour palette and gradient effects were used to reflect the flow, growth and ROI that is achieved when working with Inpute.

“We might have been a bit sceptical about the benefits of ‘brand’ but we’ve come around to the Squaredot view of the importance of doing that. We wouldn’t have seen the value of that without their help.” says Inpute executive director Morgan McElligott.


New website

Inpute’s new website serves as a showcase of our efforts to transform the company’s brand. The new colour palette, design principles, tagline and brand messaging are all woven seamlessly into a modern business website suited to a regional leader in intelligent automation.

Our proven web design methodologies accounted for Inpute’s new brand position at every turn, resulting in a finished product that elevates the company’s reputation, supports a consistent customer journey, and plays a central role in helping the business achieve its new growth goals.

Inpute website

Inpute website design

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Go-to-market communications

We developed Inpute’s new go-to-market strategy to facilitate effective communications between the new brand and its target personas. This roadmap documented a process for bringing the new brand to the market in a manner that was controlled, efficient, and effective.

“Learning where we should be allocating our resources across social media, account-based marketing, etc.—to have that kind of framework for understanding the channels and what we need to do was a useful map to have,” says McElligott. “We would have struggled to consolidate that knowledge without Squaredot’s help.”

Ongoing marketing & sales support

Following the launch of its new business website, Inpute continued to work with us in producing a complementary suite of marketing content and sales collateral. 

The results - delivering ROI

Game-changing impact

Once Inpute’s new website went live, the value of the company’s new brand position was evident almost overnight.

Thanks to the new brand messaging, as well as the sleek look and feel of its new visual identity, Inpute’s brand transformation began delivering results almost overnight—starting with two sales-qualified leads in the first few days after the website went live.

“We would never have gotten those leads before. Without spending any money on Google, we got two quality leads. That gave us some reassurance that if we start to market [our website] correctly, we could start generating a lot more leads,” says Inpute executive director Morgan McElligott.

The new website has also improved Inpute’s ability to recruit top talent—a key outcome as the company continues to expand. “When people go to our website, they realise we’re an company that is going places,” McElligott says. “It helps our recruitment: we have a good brand and a good story to tell. We’re hiring a sales team at the moment, and until now, we didn’t feel a sales team could have been successful without an updated brand tool kit. Now we have a new website, a new brand tool kit, and new sales templates that can empower a sales team to come in and be successful.”

Meanwhile, Inpute’s leadership team can move forward with greater consensus regarding the brand’s mission and the value it offers its customers.

“Before [our brand transformation] there was inconsistent messaging being used. We now have clarity across the management team about what we’re good at and our key differentiators.”
Morgan McElligott
Executive Director, Inpute