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Getting famous on Google and rising up the search results

The challenge we helped to solve:

Help Intact rise up the Google search rankings through quality multimedia content and search engine optimisation content strategy

What we delivered:

Content planning, on-page SEO, content assets, SEO strategy, content clusters, pillar pages, digital PR

The difference we made:

“Squaredot helped us optimise our content and website to attract more site visitors through strategic SEO research and planning, and through quality content." Emma Duffy, Intact Software

The brief

Thought leadership content that delivers against SEO

Intact Software design and build ERP & supply chain management software. Their flagship product, Intact iQ, is a B2B example of a next-generation ERP software designed for today’s digital economy and built for merchants, wholesaler, distributors and retailers. The software’s flexibility & customisable capabilities ensure clients gain the benefits of a perfect-fit ERP solution for their business needs and ambitions.

Indeed, Intact’s industry reputation has been recognised by the Deloitte Fast 50, Great Places to Work and ERP HeadToHead Best Vendor awards.

With Irish and UK offices and a network of partners across the world, their business model was strong but they were up against big competition. Really big. Pretty much as big as they come. When the likes of SAP, Oracle and Microsoft are the competition, you need to be clever in your marketing.

So Intact approached Squaredot with a remit to help them get more famous on Google search results and rank high for important keyword search queries. They knew that to compete against the likes of SAP and Oracle who spend millions on marketing, they need to be smart in their underdog approach. A content clustering strategic approach and digital PR, using thought-leadership to build SEO clusters and gain traction in the industry in a very cost effective and long term way could be just the thing.

The solution

The added value of quality content created to be loved by search engines

You don’t rise up the organic search results on Google overnight, and certainly not when the competition have much deeper pockets to pump into Adwords, but there is a clear roadmap to follow. 

We began with thorough research into the target personas across various industries and researched their search patterns and behaviours. This helped to research and identify the high value keywords. It also informed the overall SEO website and content strategy, including the creation and organisation of website pillar pages. 

The multimedia assets were clustered around their pillar page themes and on-page SEO helped us rank for the targeted keyword. The emphasis was always to deliver on the visitors’ queries with helpful advice and tips around these targeted keywords and to convert visitors with additional gated content.

Each content cluster on the respective pillar page was populated with relevant and high value content that we planned and created. Content included blogs, ebooks, guides, influencer articles, infographics, GIFs, videos and landing pages. Everything was optimised for SEO juice using best practices like fast page loading time, target keyword in H1 tags, meta-description and descriptive URLs.


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the result

Rising up the Google charts

Competing against some of the biggest brands in B2B, on a budget is a huge challenge. It’s one we relate to and throw our energies into. Tweaking the dials as the campaign ran, we recorded some fantastic returns.

  • 56% uplift in total website visits
  • 50% uplift in organic search visits
  • 1,400% uplift in new contacts
  • uplift in average session length for organic search visits (from 1:30 to 57 mins)
''We compete against some of the biggest tech companies in the world. So we need to be smart and efficient with our marketing budget. Squaredot have helped us with our SEO strategy, producing content clusters and pillar pages and optimising our website - all of which helps us rank higher on Google search results.”
Emma Duffy
Head of Marketing, Intact Software