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Transformation for the next phase of growth

The challenge:

Reposition Triangle’s brand in a crowded Irish IT services market through foundational brand transformation reflective of its innovative IT offerings

What we delivered:

We guided Triangle’s leadership team through a comprehensive overhaul of its brand positioning, brand identity, website and go-to-market strategy. 

The outcomes we achieved:

In addition to a wave of new MQLs and SQLs, Triangle’s brand transformation achieved a more distinctive market presence and elevated brand reputation that will enable better lead generation and business growth for years to come.

The brief

In search of a different approach

With more than 30 years of experience in the Irish IT sector, Triangle was already a successful IT services company. But as a longtime player in a fast-evolving industry, its leadership team knew the company needed to modernise its brand, starting with its website and marketing strategy.

In short, Triangle wanted its brand to reflect who they were as a business. Although the business was successful and well-respected, this wasn't reflected anywhere but in their work. They were struggling to define who they were and what they stood for.

Triangle approached us looking for help with their brand marketing. But thanks to our collective B2B expertise, we recognised that their needs were bigger than an updated marketing strategy. We recommended that the company define a unique position in the Irish IT services market, developing a new brand strategy and brand messaging along with complementary go-to-market frameworks, strategies, communications, and a sleek new website.

original brand visual

Triangle old


brand transformation

Triangle brand transformation


Repositioning, rebranding, new website

Our proven approach to transformation

“I’ll be honest; when we first started working with Squaredot, I had no idea the kind of quality we would get from their consulting. Their approach was amazing. They performed their own research and brought back insights about our ecosystem vendors, the market as a whole—a whole bunch of info I wasn’t expecting. It was really impressive.”
Miriam Byrne, Operations Director for Triangle

Like many of our clients, Triangle was already a successful, established business with a proven track record in their industry. But Triangle got in touch because they were ready to build toward the next phase of business growth. As the bar for success is set higher, businesses must evolve to better reflect their past success, their expertise, and their future ambitions.

With established businesses there is a maturity to how they operate—evident in their in-depth knowledge of their business and competition, and their subject matter expertise—that is great to work with. When that expertise comes together with a specialist B2B marketing agency that knows what they are doing, transformational change is possible. It’s not unlike a great sports coach teaming up with a talented group of players who lost their way in recent years.

Business growth is one of the outcomes of this transformative process, but it’s achieved by laying down a brand foundation that makes growth both attainable and sustainable for the business. That foundation is at the core of what Squaredot offers our clients. Here’s a look at the process delivering this change.


Whether identifying a better brand position, creating distinctive, engaging brand messaging, or developing an effective go-to-market strategy for the client, research plays a critical role in every phase of brand transformation. The insights drive and inform every step of the way.

Through in-depth desktop research, interviews with internal and external stakeholders and evaluation of the market, we developed understanding of the Irish IT market, Triangle’s target personas, and the buying cycles and purchasing influencers relevant to the market. This fact-finding research helped us uncover valuable insights that informed the new brand positioning and ultimately every subsequent part of this transformation. 

Brand positioning

Based on the insights uncovered during the discovery and research phase, we developed a new brand position for Triangle that emphasised the company’s “infrastructure” expertise as a key differentiator for the company.

As an expert provider of services and solutions designed to support, optimise and secure hybrid infrastructures, Triangle’s core services deliver critical value for today’s enterprise organisations. We advocated for the company to shift its brand toward this new position.

Brand messaging

Innovation has an infrastructure.

In service of the company’s new brand position, we developed and recommended “Innovation has an infrastructure” as the new brand slogan, with a new supporting brand message: “The IT infrastructure and critical systems you put in place today will help solve the business challenges of tomorrow, paving the road towards your future growth.”

Together, the new tagline and brand message underscored the new brand position while aligning its service offerings with the innovative capabilities Triangle helps its own clients achieve.

Brand identity

An extension of the brand position, we  developed a new brand identity and suite of brand visual assets to help build a strong visual brand recognition for Triangle’s brand.

Triangle brand identity

This new brand visual language embraces a striking and impactful colour palette consisting of teal, navy and blue. This colour scheme, combined with triangular graphic patterns with clean lines, visually bring to life the brand positioning of IT infrastructure as the building principle of innovation.

New website

The culminating achievement of these transformational processes was the new Triangle website, bringing together the new brand positioning, messaging and brand visual language to create a new, engaging public face for the business.

Our website design and development process delivered a comprehensive and customer-first UX that incorporated the latest website trends and best practices, embodying the innovation that was now at the centre of Triangle’s brand experience.

Triangle new web

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Go-to-market communications

We developed Triangle’s new go-to-market strategy to facilitate effective communications between the new brand and its target personas. This 12-month roadmap laid out a four-step process for bringing the new brand to the market in a manner that was controlled, efficient, and effective.

First, an internal launch was performed to educate and engage Triangle employees about the new brand, reinforcing alignment throughout the organisation. From there, we used customised communication blasts to educate an external audience, followed by personalised account-based marketing to leverage the influence of Triangle’s sales and marketing alignment.

Our customer-first communication approach allowed us to bring the brand to market at speed, delivering the right propositions to effectively reposition the brand and share its brand messaging to a wider, relevant audience. By the end of this brand rollout, Triangle’s new brand was able to reach the entire Irish addressable audience, growing its market presence and its lead generation capabilities.

Ongoing marketing & sales support

Following the launch of its new business website, Triangle continued to work with us in producing a complementary suite of marketing content and sales collateral. 

Marketing assets for the new brand

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The results - delivering ROI

‘Truly Transformational’

Over the course of six months of partnership, we helped Triangle identify and achieve a new brand position in the Irish IT services market, complete with a new brand identity, a state-of-the-art website, and a number of branded assets and resources to support ongoing brand-building and lead generation that delivers tangible results.

Within the first six months of the website’s launch, Triangle has reported the following results:

  • 5 new marketing-qualified leads
  • 4 warm sales-qualified leads

The website has also provided a boost to Triangle’s talent recruiting efforts. “Since the website launch we’ve had really strong CVs come directly through the website,” says Byrne. “It’s getting to an audience that maybe even recruiters haven’t reached.”

Measurable outcomes and revenue growth are always a top priority for B2B businesses. We don’t disagree. But at Squaredot, we understand that customer growth and revenue generation are the natural outcomes that are achieved when businesses are willing to reposition their brand in response to evolving market conditions.

With a new brand position that reflects its core offerings and its innovative expertise, Triangle is enjoying unprecedented engagement and attention within the IT services market. 

“We do a lot of modern technology projects, but we also do a lot of what we refer to as “legacy” infrastructure transformation. A lot of infrastructure companies are either very conceptual, or very nuts and bolts, bridging this gap is what we do best. Thanks to Squaredot’s invaluable work, we now understand the value of this unique market position—and, more importantly, how to communicate this value to our clients.”
Miriam Byrne
Operations Director, Triangle