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Transforming a B2B enterprise technology brand

The challenge we helped to solve:

Build awareness of the ETU brand, make the benefits of behavioural learning famous to corporate America, generate leads and sales.

What we delivered:

Brand positioning strategy, website, content, ABM and targeted social media advertising.

The difference we made:

23 MQLs, 12 SQLs, 8 warm sales opportunities in the first 3 months ...and counting

The brief

A B2B example of when the brand lags behind the business success

ETU are behavioural learning experts whose groundbreaking technology and methodology is the cumulative result of decades of award-winning PhD research in the field of immersive learning, behavioral psychology, neuroscience and data science. Their immersive learning simulations are helping digitally transform upskilling at scale in global enterprises.

ETU target enterprise level professional services, financial, pharmaceutical, and energy companies in highly regulated industries. Their business success to date had outstripped their brand fame in the market. They felt that their brand didn’t live up to their business success and potential. Visibility was also a challenge for ETU when they approached Squaredot. They wanted to earn trust through thought leadership content and become the go-to option for company wide upskilling in global corporations. 

The project was a comprehensive overhaul of their market positioning and brand communications, brand identity formalisation through brand guidelines for their visual and tonal identity, a new website, content and an account based marketing strategy to win new business.

original logo


original website

The solution - Brand positioning & brand formalisation

Transforming the transformers

Starting with a comprehensive discovery session, one-to-one interviews with senior internal stakeholders and several key target personas, allied to extensive desk research, we mapped out the challenge at hand. HR, a primary target audience for ETU, sits at the epicentre of organisational change and is tasked with sourcing, onboarding, developing and rewarding the people that make a business what it is. These people must now continually adapt to change, maximise performance and optimise deep-rooted and habitual behaviours through soft skill learning and expertise. 

As a result of our extensive research and planning, we helped reposition ETU as behavioural learning L&D partners to the world’s most progressive global enterprises. ETU is transforming the transformers and helping them turn change into opportunity.

ETU was keen to keep their original brand logo, so we brought some formal consistency to it and developed an additional suite of visual applications. We produced a brand evolution guide and new clear set of brand guidelines, where we outlined ETU’s differentiated messaging, brand identity and rules for its use, visual brand assets, brand personality and values, communications hierarchy and tone of voice. 

The solution - Website

A new powerful online platform

ETU’s new brand needed a new digital home that would do it justice online. A website that would portray ETU as the innovative & trustworthy L&D partner to some of the biggest global companies in the recent years. Using the latest UX and UI design best practice, we’ve designed and built a fully bespoke website that drives the right type of online conversions and supports the business online. Built on our in-depth understanding of the business, brand and target personas gained during the brand positioning phase, we crafted every user flow, page, piece of content and CTA from scratch to lead each user through the site in the most intuitive way.

The new website needed fresh content. Mapping out the customer journeys we produced a series of case studies, infographics, factsheets and blogs to engage site visitors and capture leads. All content was optimised for SEO and written by our skilled writers to fit and elevate the user experience. The site was built on Hubspot which allowed for a full integration with marketing automation and CRM. Being fully responsive, the bespoke brand-driven design looks the same and works seamlessly across all platforms. 

The solution - Content & ABM campaign

Account based marketing strategy

With the website launched and converting, we embarked on an ABM approach to winning new business for ETU. The objective was to personalise all communications and demonstrate the difference ETU is making to some of the world’s most dynamic organisations - organisations at the forefront of business transformation. We staggered the hyper-targeted campaigns over 5 months, with priority accounts identified, researched and mined for insights that helped inform campaigns that included personalised landing pages, email workflows and bespoke content.


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The result

A world-class brand on its way to lead the L&D revolution

From a standing start, with an old website and brand identity that was not delivering any contacts or leads, the new website started converting leads from day 1. Three months later (at the time of writing), with social media promotion and ABM fueling the traffic, the return on investment has been fruitful with 23 marketing qualified leads, 12 sales qualified leads and 8 warm sales opportunities. 

“I was absolutely thrilled with the new website and brand positioning that Squaredot delivered. I truly feel like this is going to change the game for ETU and bring us to the next level. We’re already making inroads into corporate America as we now have the marketing foundation and strategy in place that’s primed for growth. We simply could not have done this without Squaredot”
East Apthorp
Head of Marketing, ETU