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Our spotlight on the B2B tech landscape

We love B2B success stories and played a part in some ourselves. We work with large multinational brands and fast growing VC-funded scale-ups and PE-backed, mid-market tech companies on a transformative journey. These include MSPs, traveltech, fintech, software and hardware companies.

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Aggressive growth from the foundation up

B2B Tech

Brand & content tactical support

B2B tech

Not growing fast enough? Feel like you have reached a plateau? Or growing fast and your brand is struggling to keep up? We’ve helped many companies just like yours with transformational positioning and strategy that we bring to life in the digital world and beyond. We’ll make you famous in your market, drive demand and supercharge growth.

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Need a specialist B2B tech marketing agency to help grease the wheels of your marketing engine? We’re comfortable rolling up our sleeves and supporting large internal marketing departments to help get campaigns out the door. We supplement your capacity with planning, content, creative, design, copy, animation and video content expertise.

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B2B hall of fame

01 / 06

Transforming Triangle’s brand for its next phase of business growth

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02 / 06
Client Solutions

Unifying 5 business practices under one strong differentiated brand 

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03 / 06

Brand positioning, go-to-market marketing strategy, identity update, website, content & ABM program

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04 / 06

Positioning and go-to-market strategy, rebrand, website, content, brand building, creative direction, advertising, print collateral

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05 / 06

Influencer outreach, lead generation, immersive multimedia landing page, video, interactive surveys

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06 / 06

Brand building campaign, video series, landing pages, content, advertising, social media promotion

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B2B tech street cred (and why it matters)

The B2B tech world is complex and challenging. The landscape is lined with multiple stakeholder committees, long buying cycles and big money investments. And we love all that.

We’re B2B tech marketing geeks at heart. How this industry is driving digital transformation globally makes us feel incredibly proud of serving it and it fuels our passion and commitment. It’s not practical to thank everyone in the industry personally for playing their part, so we put this video together instead.

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In the words
of our clients



"I was absolutely thrilled with the new website and brand positioning that Squaredot delivered. I truly feel like this is going to change the game for ETU and bring us to the next level. We’re already making inroads into corporate America as we now have the marketing foundation and strategy in place that’s primed for growth. We simply could not have done this without Squaredot."

East Apthrop

Head of Marketing, ETU



"Squaredot took our senior leadership team on a journey of self discovery as we honed in on our brand positioning, marketing strategy, identity and place in the market. The resulting rebrand is enabling us to realise our vision for the company which is to create a global brand that will resonate with our target personas. Our brand awareness has grown exponentially and we are generating Marketing Qualified Leads that are a marketer's nirvana."

Aisling Bolger

Head of Marketing, Arkphire



"We’ve been working with Squaredot for a number of years and we work very much as a partnership. They understand our business, B2B marketing and the inbound methodology. Squaredot worked hand in hand with us to create and deliver this end to end campaign."

Aisling White

Head of Marketing, Travelport Digital



“We wanted a brand building campaign that would put us on the map, give the brand a warm personality, and get people talking about us. This campaign has achieved this and more. We have had an increase in conversations from events, people are asking us more educated questions, they are warmer leads! We have already doubled our overall traffic and tripled our returning visitors to the site.”

Sinead Geraghty

Marketing Director, Origina



''We compete against some of the biggest tech companies in the world. So we need to be smart and efficient with our marketing budget. Squaredot have helped us with our SEO strategy, producing content clusters and pillar pages and optimising our website - all of which helps us rank higher on Google search results.”

Emma Duffy

Head of Marketing, Intact Software

Award recognition

Awards are not an objective - we’re focused only on growing your brand - but we do feel a huge sense of professional pride when our work is recognised by the industry. We also should stress that awards are a big team effort, so shout-outs to all our amazing clients for their collaborations.


Spiders Winners Award Badges 2022 - Best B2B
Best B2B WINNERS award

B2B marketing masterclass

We love B2B storytelling. And over time we’ve formed our own marketing narratives, opinions, thoughts, advice and tips. Feel free to nosey around.

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Killer B’s in B2B - Balance

There has been a definite shift towards humanising B2B marketing and this recognition has been long overdue. Talking to your audience purely in rational, logical terms simply won’t cut through the clutter. Also, we’ve all been handcuffed to short-term lead generation KPIs for years now while we ignore the benefits of longer-term brand building. 

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