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Strategic Planner (B2B)

Location Dublin, Ireland / Palm tree, Bahamas (or anywhere with a reliable internet connection)

Our culture

At Squaredot, we believe in the power of brand storytelling. “Our story is telling yours” is the promise we make to our B2B Tech clients on their road to fame. And we need specialist and experienced B2B strategic planners to help map, strategise and traverse those journeys.

The ideal candidate will enjoy the complexity of B2B tech models and mindsets. You’ll be a subject matter expert and have a portfolio of client work where you can demonstrate the fruits of your knowledge and expertise. Often working closely with clients, from the very first interaction, it is important to give them confidence in your capabilities, subject matter expertise and campaign plans.

You’ll have moved the needle for clients, positioned them as unique and impactful, helped establish brand purpose, values and personality. You’ll have one eye on business strategy and the other on marketing communications. From discovery sessions and stakeholder and client interviews to broader desk research, you’ll revel in the detail and abstract plans and strategies that will help clients conquer their markets.

Strategists are the foundation of any creative project, and provide the team with information gleaned from studying markets for relevant data. The ability to think beyond a project is also important, as strategist planners must establish where any plan will take a client.

You’ll be able to plot the charts, diagrams and quadrants that tell the story of the brand - where they are now relative to competition and plot the shift to a position where the brand has the best chance of differentiation and success.

So who exactly are we looking for?

Someone to take on the following responsibilities:

  • Lead Squaredot’s strategy function
  • Refine and develop Squaredot’s strategy offering
  • Consulting with our clients: helping them to problem solve, understand customer and industry needs, and develop effective go-to-market strategies
  • Defining customer insight driven strategies for projects and campaigns
  • Developing best practice around customer insight development
  • Helping our creative planning function in collaboration with our Creative Director
  • Researching and gathering data to develop well-informed strategic plans for clients
  • Examining clients’ businesses to get to know their brands and understand their objectives
  • Presenting findings to senior staff members and clients
  • Identifying potential problems and devising ways to rectify them
  • Liaising with senior members of staff to receive feedback and create improvements to strategies

The right candidate will:

  • Prioritise continuous improvement in the capability, knowledge and skills of the planning function
  • Have the experience, acumen, credibility and communications skills to build trust with senior clients and prospects
  • Have years of experience in strategy/planning, innovation/product development or research/consulting
  • Have a proven track record in developing effective strategic plans
  • A good knowledge of the media and how strategy planning influences it
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

And what can we offer you in return?

You’ll get the opportunity to:

  • Work with a variety of exciting growing tech companies operating in Ireland and throughout the world
  • Work in a diverse and inclusive environment where differences are recognised and valued
  • Work with an international team that seeks out and appreciates creativity
  • Work remotely on a freelance basis 
  • Learn on an everyday basis
  • Hopefully win some international awards ;)
  • Practise and improve your English by working with a bunch of really nice people on interesting projects with lovely clients
  • Banter and good laughs

Your next steps

If you’ve been ticking all those boxes above as you read through them and you’re still curious, intrigued and interested, then fill in the blanks below:

Hi Squaredot, I am the Strategic Planner (B2B) you wish you hired years ago.