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Deanta Global

Helping Deanta get famous to publishing directors around the world

The challenge we helped to solve:

Promote Deanta as publishing thought leaders on a mission to change the business model of the industry

What we delivered:

Content campaign, including ideation, planning, creation of assets and promotion

The difference we made:

“We’ve created an audience in New York that we’ve never had before, and that’s big.” - Darren Ryan, CEO, Deanta

The brief

Building industry awareness for a new breed of publishing services provider

Deanta Global is a publishing services company providing holistic publishing production services and solutions for the academic and STEM market. Their flagship publishing technology platform, Lanstad, is built to solve publisher’s frustrations with inflexible tools and poor user experience. The powerful cloud-based platform streamlines editorial quality with AI and machine learning features for books and journals. 

The publishing industry is an example of a B2B landscape that is currently undergoing significant change driven by a volatile economic backdrop, changing behaviours, rapid growth in China, and by technology innovations. The market, which is currently dominated by a relatively small number of players/publishing houses has lagged the technology adoption rate of many sectors.

Deanta approached Squaredot with a remit to help them gain fame in the industry as an innovative new breed of publishing services provider with a transformational technology platform that helps streamline publishing processes.

The solution - Video series

Thought leadership video content

In our discovery session with the senior team, their passion and insights came to the fore around the boardroom table. The highly skilled and experienced senior team at Deanta are driven, client-focused communicators with expertise in technical innovation. There is nothing about this industry that they don’t have expertise in and in many cases, solutions for.

So we returned, this time with a full video crew, having researched the industry and the publishing directors target persona, to spark debate. We wanted to capture the passion and the knowledge of the senior team in full flow discussing the future of the industry, with their thoughts on industry trends and the challenges facing their target personas.

And it worked a treat - we produced an interesting series of videos covering the major discussion points in the industry, from the impact of Amazon in the distribution chain to Open Access content, the offshoring business model and the future of libraries to questioning to whether AI itself will ever author.

Promoting the video content across social channels, in addition to supportive blogs and ebooks, we helped Deanta project their thought leadership credentials and ramp up their social engagement.

The solution - Research report & event

The future of publishing 

Deanta_Future-of-publishingWith the industry lagging behind the technology adoption rate of many sectors, dated business models and the growing threat of Amazon, the industry appears to be on the verge of a transformational paradigm shift. With so many unanswered questions on exactly how this will look, we helped Deanta publish the report on the future of publishing.

This report’s findings then became the topic of discussion for invited industry experts at a roundtable discussion in London. Again we filmed the session and edited for social channels to promote Deanta’s thought leadership credentials.

Following on from the success of the London roundtable debate, that same formula was repeated in New York inviting the industry leaders to discuss the  report findings and indeed the future of the industry.

The ‘Future of Digital Publishing’ report proved a big draw in both London and New York. All campaign assets were housed within a content hub housing the video series and related articles and we amplified the content across with social media promotion and digital PR activities.

The solution - Event engagement

London Book Fair engagement

The London Book Fair is a global event in the publishing calendar. It served as the perfect platform to extend Deanta’s engagement to the industry, with an auditorium booked at the event to present the impact of AI on the copy editing process. Through email and social channels, we promoted Deanta’s presence at the event. Record crowds attended the talk  and Deanta once more demonstrated their thought leadership credentials and engaged with their target audience in a meaningful way.



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The results

Making waves on both sides of the Atlantic

The results of the campaign activities exceeded expectations:

  • 14.85% increase in submission rate
  • 29% increase in email open rate
  • 43% increase in new contacts
  • 64 new contacts
  • 30 new MQLs
  • 5 new SQLs
  • 3 new opportunities in pipeline
“Squaredot helped raise our profile in the market. With a limited total addressable market we had to make a splash with our content to help us establish the reputation of an industry thought-leader. We always felt in safe hands dealing with Squaredot and the results speak for themselves - we’ve even created an audience in New York that we’ve never had before, and that’s big.”
Darren Ryan
CEO, Deanta Global