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Art director

Location Dublin, Ireland / Palm tree, Bahamas (or anywhere with a reliable internet connection)

Our culture

At Squaredot, we help B2B tech brands get famous in all the right circles, for all the right reasons. Beautiful design aesthetics, visual tone and clever concepts are some of those reasons and that’s where you can make your mark. We believe in creativity and in challenging the blinkered view that B2B marketing is boring and where fun goes to die.
(Fun is alive, kicking and occasionally screaming in SQ HQ)

We also believe in the power of brand storytelling. And in pushing ourselves in everything we do, for our clients but also for ourselves… to learn, be great at what we do, always get better, challenge ourselves. We love all that.

And we love teamwork. In person in our Dublin office or remote (we were Zooming and on Hangouts long before Covid came along). We are based in Dublin but our team is international and based around Europe. So as long as you have a

So who exactly are we looking for?

Somebody who can not only handle, but feels at ease and home, with the following:

  • be good at ideas and great at execution
  • take ownership of all visual assets - brief, oversee, lead and manage our in-house and freelance designers or design yourself when it makes sense or takes your fancy
  • be able to work tight to a client brief but also proactively from briefs you’ve written yourself
  • brainstorm and work closely with the rest of the team on concepts, campaigns and brand assets
  • be obsessed with the little details and believe that in design being meticulous matters
  • be able to follow brand guidelines to a tee or create your own from scratch
  • push your own or your team’s creative boundaries
  • be able to take feedback (positive or negative, within the team or from the client) and use it to do great things
  • be able to give feedback and respectfully challenge ideas and opinions based on knowledge and expertise - internally and with our clients’ - with the aim of making our work better
  • learn new things and step out of your comfort zone
  • have 5+ years experience and an online portfolio that proves your talent
  • have mastery over all the usual design packages
  • have great communication skills to present your ideas internally (and ideally externally to the clients too, but not a must)
  • be nice
  • enjoy working with other people and see teamwork as an opportunity to learn from each other
  • participate in developing and growing the company by helping us deliver great work and building our reputation as an agency that is worth working with

Also, you really need to have great English - most of our clients are native English speakers and on calls, they won’t like to constantly repeat themselves. You’ll need to speak fluently so you can present your ideas and participate in our creative processes. Written English is important too - not least because we love our Google Hangout chats. We’re only grammar nazis when producing content for our clients, so you’re English doesn’t have to be perfect but it needs to be good enough. And just as a bit of balance and comfort, some of our team members are native Slovaks. (And some are even - bizarrely - trying to learn it).

And what can we offer you in return?

You’ll get the opportunity to:

  • Work with a variety of exciting growing tech companies operating in Ireland and throughout the world
  • Be part of some amazing business growth stories - our own and our clients
  • Work in a diverse and inclusive environment where differences are recognised and valued
  • Work with a team that seeks out and appreciates creativity
  • Learn on an everyday basis
  • Hopefully win some international awards ;)
  • Practice and improve your English by working with a bunch of really nice people, day to day, on interesting projects with lovely clients
  • Work in a ‘one for all, all for one’ type of team
  • Enjoy the benefits of working remotely (with potentially the occasional visit to Dublin, Covid permitting)
  • Balance work with life (we understand there’s more to life than timesheets and work schedules and we believe we have struck the right balance
  • Have great craic/banter with the team

Your next steps

If you’ve been ticking all those boxes above as you read through them and you’re still curious, intrigued and interested, then fill in the blanks below

Hi Squaredot, I am the Art director you wish you hired years ago.